Ever since my teenage years, I have spent hours and hours online, zooming into paparazzi photos of celebrities and models. This was ages before Facebook – long before social media existed at all. I was obsessed with them. I wanted to see them in their everyday lives. I wanted to see what their unfiltered everyday style looked like, not what they wore on the red carpet. I truly believe this was my entry into fashion, and that this careful form of observation has shaped my aesthetic direction to this day.

If not online, scrolling slow internet, I could spend hours in the only newspaper stand in Bratislava that carried international magazines. They recognised my face, and I was frequently kicked out for secretly reading my way through each and every magazine I did not have the money to buy. 

When I eventually discovered Yves Scherer’s art back in 2017, it was love at first sight. The works of the Swiss-born, New York-based artist reminded me of my youth, and recalled memories of precious years I knew I otherwise never would get back. We should never underestimate those transformative years; The times of young love, the summers, and the feelings these years carried along that still feel so real. It is crazy to think about how my two son soon are soon reaching the age I’m reminiscing about. 

It is not just because of his art that I consider my dialogue with Yves as one of my most precious ones, but because of our friendship. 

I visited him in New York in February this year, where he lives with his wife Angela and their daughter Lucy. We met up for a Valentine’s dinner together at his place. As my date, I brought with me my son Johann, and it was such a beautiful evening. Yves played the same song on repeat throughout the whole evening, and it has really stuck in my head ever since. I guess Yves and I have this in common: We get obsessed with something and play it on repeat. So I am so happy he said yes to creating the second Spustova playlist together with me. It is very extensive! Consisting of two songs – one by Yves, one by me – we have created a dialogue to be played this summer. Summer 2023. On repeat. 

PS: Lily-Rose Depp and Shake 070 are the hottest couple at the moment, I am so obsessed. It takes me back to the thrill of seeing Kate Moss dating Johnny Depp in 1997. You'll find me scrolling. 

YS x ZS.










February 14, 2023

if you want to meet Lucy then 7pm too late 

wait with Lucy, 1 min is enough to me, wanna see her!! we are on our way! What floor?

thank you for the dinner, it was highlight of our NYC trip

Johann is so sweet, it is crazy. Well done guys! 

Yves what is the song you played nonstop, greeting from Oslo:)

Miguel, Sure thing


June 11, 2023


Hi Yves do you want to curate Spotify playlist for Spustova with me?

Let me see! you know my vibe, its like one song on repeat the whole day

hahahaha that is a great idea 

one song is cool idea. one yours. one mine. dialogue. let me know!

off to Art Basel tomorrow


love the Louise invite! I might be in Mexico but let me see

let's do something bigger together! like a real world thing.

well I am working on it you know... I want -_- collab and I want you be part of it:)

have been working on it for past 9 months. but now playlist please!