Pinky rings collection designed by Zuzana Spustova, the desire to inherit the un-inheritable. She bought and lost her own first pinky ring. The urge to substitute the empty space, AUDACE was born.

for saying yes
for saying no
for the art of letting go
for setting boundaries
for radical honesty
for building new habits
for unknown journeys to begin
for listening to your intuition
for doing it anyway
for spaces beyond the superficial
for a day to remember
for change
for allowing mistakes to happen
for wounds to be healed
for kindness
for travelling towards the whole human experience
for truest version of yourself

when do you feel most audacious?


Zuzana’s first collection was inspired by the presence of her new born son Johann and her struggle to find a piece of jewelry that could mature with him as he grew older. An intuitive and naive project, a form of survival instinct while suffering from severe postnatal depression, was the beginning of what SPUSTOVA is today.

mingle with the skin
become a person

everyday life
everyday emotions
everyday jewellery

babies crying
diamonds dancing

ALPHABET Diamond Necklace
10th year anniversary addition


Birth as a rebirth
Rebirth as a birth

We are absolutely thrilled to finally present Louise. The bracelet is the latest work of Zuzana, and her most personal piece to date.

When Zuzana gave birth to her first child in 2011, she was given a plastic hospital bracelet. Ever since, she has dreamt about creating a bracelet celebrating birth. Birth, in a physical sense, but also a spiritual one. Just as personal experiences during Zuzana’s second pregnancy led her to her own rebirth, Louise is inspired by birth, inviting for rebirth.

The bracelet, with its name and asymmetrical shape, is inspired by her imaginary best friend, Louise. Louise has been instrumental for Zuzana in navigating the complexities of becoming a mother, and everything that follows. Following her through the ups and downs and constant flux of having a family, Louise is a true homage to her imaginary friend.