I am happy to introduce a new chapter to our DIALOGUE series, seasonal MONOLOGUE. My personal life has always been intertwined with my brand. We will publish my inner dialogues, where I share my current obsessions and influences - what goes on in my head, where my heart is at, where my daily walks take me. 

Hello Monologue I. Summer 23 edition.


For more than a year, I have been following Doing Well, the wellness platform made by the NYC-born, LA-based holistic coach Daphne Javitch. It has influenced me tremendously and helped me improve many aspects of my life that I am continuously working on. I recently decided to invest in a six-week intense one-on-one program with her. And let me tell you: change is hard, and Daphne gave me some tough love!
The level of resistance I felt once I started to work with her was huge. From routines to nutrition to time management, the way she addressed my weak points was quite on point. Yet she did so deliberately, yet gently, week after week. It was exactly what I needed. 
If you wish to improve your health in achievable and inexpensive, yet effective ways, I can not recommend the subscription more ($12/monthly). No gadgets, no diets – just a sustainable approach to health and aging with lots of humour!
Time to elevate your routines.




We are about to launch the latest addition to our ever-evolving AUDACE family. AUDACE DE-TRIS 23 is a new collection of pinky rings to be introduced very soon, and we can’t wait to also share a new stack curated by someone quite special. 

Game on. Summer 23 we are ready.



Summer is approaching, and I can’t recommend you enough to visit one of the biggest sculpture parks in Europe. Located just a one-hour drive outside Oslo, you will find the beautiful Kistefos Museum and sculpture park. Surrounded by nature you will find works by artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Claes Oldenburg, Olafur Eliasson, and Anish Kapoor – just to name a few. One of the most recent additions to their collection is The Twist, their impressive sculpture of a gallery. Even a visit to the toilet is a must. You’ll find beautiful pieces of video art in each bathroom. 



I love my coffee and I love my matcha. Each spring, I wait impatiently for the temperature to rise and the season of iced coffees to start. I truly enjoy it and savour it. My favourite spot in Oslo for an iced coffee is Mocca at Frogner. I also do homemade iced matchas, and make matcha sorbets as often as I can. You can buy yours here.


I am an avid reader. My one-hour reading time per day is an absolute must, and I relax the most when I am with my books. I have to think logistically to make time for my reading in an otherwise packed schedule, and I usually set aside the time in the morning, after dropping off the kids at the kindergarten and school. 
I usually read about art. It is work-related but my biggest passion, too.
My stepfather is one of my favorite sources of reading. Recently, he gave me this tiny book, Jeu de construction by the artist Paul Cox. I absolutely love the way Cox describes his creative process in detail. It is very rare to read so detailed about artists and where they get their ideas from. I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in creative processes or is curious to know more about ideas taking shape as art. 

We will release our summer playlist soon, and the opening track will be Sure Thing by Miguel. Since visiting NYC in February and attending Valentine’s dinner at Yves Scherer’s place. He is a dear friend and one of my favorite artists of all time. For the four hours, we sat around the table, Sure Thing was the only song he played. Just like the dinner, the song became unforgettable. 
Daphne says repetition is healing, sure thing. I play it nonstop! :)))


Mental health is not part of my marketing. It is something that stands very close to my heart. 
One of my favourite podcasts of all time is Deliciously Ella’s. I have been listening to it for years, and still haven’t missed one episode. Her guest list is incredible: from Harvard professors to scientists to spiritual guides – you name it. But most important of all, the conversations are honest and insightful. 
I am a huge fan of Ella. She is so deeply invested in what she does. Her life story is one-of-a-kind, and her recently opened, plant-based restaurant in London proves that vegetables are not boring.
One of my favorite episodes is about sleep, which is something I have been struggling with as long as I can remember. She speaks with the English scientist and professor Matthew Walker, one of the most respected names on the field of sleep. Please listen, and learn about the importance of sleep and how you can improve your sleep quality. So so important!