Spustova is excited to launch AUDACE DE-TRIS EMERALD 24, the newest addition to our AUDACE pinky ring collection. The new ring also goes by the name of Destruction of Emerald, as Zuzana took the most traditional and classic ring of all time – the eternity band – and opened it up, gave it a gap. While holding onto the octagonal shape, characteristic of the AUDACE collection, AUDACE DE-TRIS EMERALD 24 is characterised by manipulating and distorting tradition.

Zuzana’s inspiration behind the ring was deconstructivism. The postmodern architectural movement from the 1980s is characterised by the absence of obvious harmony and continuity. By breaking down structures, it gives the impression of disorientation, creating utterly modern and edgy buildings, while somehow echoing traditions we already know. AUDACE DE-TRIS EMERALD 24, with its open structures and diamonds touching the naked skin, gives the impression of fragmentation and breaking something down in a more conceptual sense. Instead of trying to justify itself, it raises questions, making you try to understand the design’s true significance. When its no longer a band, what makes it into a ring?

‘Love doesn’t always come easy. Although I was very in love with AUDACE DE-TRIS EMERALD 24 from the beginning, at first it was a battle with our atelier in Naples. They did not quite understand nor appreciate my request. To take something so classy – in their eyes, complete – and simply destroy it, didn’t make sense to them immediately. It is an edgy ring. It has both a feminine and masculine vibe, and I can definitely imagine it on a man. I also love the visible structure of the ring and the feeling of naked skin. The ring has a dichotomy that takes time to understand when you see it for the first time, and that is something I love.’
- Zuzana Spustova

Not only we have launched our new ring, but also a new stack – in the true spirit of the AUDACE collection. This time we have partnered with Rikke Krefting / @rikkekrefting, the London-based influencer and long-time Spustova friend and collaborator. Our first stack was curated by the NYC-based Leandra Cohen, followed by a stack made by the American-Chinese photographer Diana Louise Bartlett. Our third Stack Rikke consists of 3 AUDACE DE-TRIS EMERALD 24 rings.

‘The dialogue between Zuzana and I began over three years ago, and I am so excited to now have curated my very own stack – the Rikke Stack. I am crazy about the new ring, and I believe it is very me. The stack makes me want to pull off all of my other jewellery and only wear this!’
- Rikke Krefting

The AUDACE DE-TRIS EMERALD 24 and the Stack Rikke is now available on The launch was celebrated on June 21st 2024 at The Connaught, London with an intimate breakfast hosted by Rikke Krefting.








Stack Rikke







Spustova breakfast at The Connaught, London







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 Audace De-tris Emerald 24






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