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All AUDACE rings fit true to size, following European sizes. If uncertain, we recommend visiting a local jewellery store to get your correct ring size. Once your order is placed, you can also request a complimentary measurement kit at


RING SIZE                      CIRCUMFERENCE                       DIAMETER

49                                            49 mm                                                          15,61 mm

51                                             51 mm                                                           16,24 mm

53                                            53 mm                                                          18,88 mm

55                                            55 mm                                                          17,52 mm



All LOUISE bracelet comes in 7 sizes ranging from size 14 to size 20. To find your LOUISE bracelet size we recommend you to measure the circuit of your wrist for a tight fit or add one centimetre for looser fit. If you have any questions regarding sizing, please contact us at or via WhatsApp +4747500014.

The total carat weight of each bracelet will vary depending on the version of the bracelet and it’s size. The weight of gold and diamonds may fluctuate as the bracelets are artisanal products and are produced individually using natural diamonds respecting their size for desired appearance.

All diamonds used on LOUISE bracelets are brilliant cut diamonds D, VVS.


The ALPHABET Chain comes with a maximum of 2 letters. The standard size is 16 cm and usually fits most of our female customers, though there are two more loops - 17 and 18cm. Please let us know in the comment section if you’d like your bracelet to be smaller or larger. This service is free of charge.

The ALPHABET Silk is one size and is adjustable to all ages, including newborn babies. The maximum amount is 1 letter and can not be taken off once the knot is tied. The letter always comes on a grey colour plus 2 additional colours. Please specify your preferred colours in the comment section when placing your order. We recommend purchasing at least 3 extra ribbons to save shipping costs and ensure enough silks for the first few months of use.

The total carat of each letter will vary depending on the shape of the letter, ranging from 0.03 to 0.08 ct. For the diamond pavé, we use E-F, VS diamonds.

The total carat of diamond on chain or silk is 0.10ct marquise cut, D-E, VVS.



Here are some suggestions on how to look after your silk bracelet:

  1. ALPHABET Silk is designed to be kept on once the knot is tied. The best way is to tie a double knot, and cut both ends, leaving a length of at least one centimetre.
  2. Consider changing the silk every 2 months if worn very frequently.
  3. Check regularly that the knot is well tied.
  4. Place the bracelet in its original protective box when not worn.


The silk ribbon is designed to be worn by babies and children. However, there is a risk of choking, and  the responsibility when using the bracelet lies with the child’s parent or guardian.

 Tying the silk ribbon:

  1. Cut both ends of the silk to a sharp point.
  2. Thread the silk through the small circle on one side of the letter.
  3. Pull the silk and thread it through the small circle on the other Side of the letter, leaving a loop suitable for the wrist size.
  4. Pull both ends of the silk so the lengths are equal.
  5. Put the engraved SPUSTOVA clasp through both sides of the silk.
  6. Tighten the silk bracelet evenly on the wrist and tie a double knot.
  7. Cut both ends of the silk to your desired length that should not be
  8. Shorter than one centimetre.

ALPHABET & ALPHABET DIAMOND SILK collection comes with all 3 SPUSTOVA colours - grey, pink and dark blue. We recommend purchasing at least 3 additional pieces to save on shipping costs and to ensure enough silks for the first few months of use.




SPUSTOVA jewellery is designed to be worn every day. To keep your pieces in the best condition, we highly recommend you to avoid exposing your jewellery to fragrance, chemicals, soap, or cosmetics. Do not expose your jewellery to water or too high temperatures. Clean your jewellery with a soft, dry cloth. If you want to clean diamond pieces, use a soft brush and a small amount of neutral-pH liquid soap, rinse with fresh warm water, and dry with a soft dry cloth. Put your jewellery aside while performing certain activities, such as sports or gardening.




We guarantee that all SPUSTOVA diamonds are solely of excellent quality and have been carefully chosen by our in-house gemologist at our Atelier in Naples, Italy. All of our diamonds are in compliance with every United Nations resolution and we do not source from countries in conflict. Please note that unique certificates by gemological institutes (GIA, IGI, HRD) are only attached to singular diamonds that pose a carat weight equal to or higher than 0.35 ct.


Carat weight and the number of diamonds may vary from piece to piece, depending on the size of the ring. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should require any further information. For the emerald cut stones, we always use D-E, VVS diamonds. For the diamond pavé, we use E-F, VS diamonds.

full band approximately 0.20ct (size 43)

full band approximately 0.40ct (size 43)

1 emerald cut diamond 0.10ct (size 43)

1 emerald cut diamond and half band diamond pavé 0.10ct (size 43)

11 emerald cut diamonds of a total weight of 1.05ct (size 43)

1 fancy yellow emerald cut diamond approx. 0.3 ct VVS and diamond pavé 0.33ct (size 43)

1 fancy yellow emerald cut diamond approx. 0.3 ct VVS and diamond pavé 0.66ct (size 43)

7 fancy yellow emerald cut diamonds approx. 1.64ct in total VVS (size 43)



The total carat of each letter will vary depending on the size of the letter, ranging from 0.03ct to 0.08ct E-F, VS diamonds.

The DIAMOND collection consists of 0.10 D-E, VVS marquise cut diamond.



All our pieces come with an authentication certificate that proves they have been designed by Zuzana Spustova and handcrafted by an artisan goldsmith at the SPUSTOVA Atelier in Naples, Italy. The official fineness mark of the piece and the SPUSTOVA hallmark is placed on each piece to certify its uniqueness. Each piece of jewellery undergoes a high-standard quality control before being shipped to our customers.



Every piece is handcrafted with great care, only using materials of exquisite quality. Although delicate, these pieces are designed to last. With time, you may require using our full repair service for your jewellery. In case of repair please contact us at