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AUDACE is an ever-evolving collection of octagonal pinky rings created by jewellery designer Zuzana Spustova.

Designed in Oslo, and crafted in Naples. AUDACE was born from the desire to inherit the un-heritable. Zuzana bought and lost her own first pinky ring. Through the urge to substitute the empty space, AUDACE was born.

On July 7th 2023, Spustova has launched its third AUDACE collection, named DE-TRIS. The rings are inspired by Zuzana's favorite childhood game and aim to bring more playfulness and fun into the world of fine jewellery.

Being a mother of three, Zuzana constantly finds inspiration in her children. She watches her kids approach life with a sense of joy and playfulness.

Having the Spustova office and a family home under the same roof, business, and leisure - work and play - are usually impossible to distinguish. She often finds her 9 years old son Johann playing with the diamonds and rings on her desk. Maybe he has the luxury to treat them as shiny toys - or perhaps he has taught Zuzana that luxury doesn't always need to be so serious.

The DE-TRIS collection adds 4 new rings at the moment and its multiple variations to the AUDACE family, which was first launched in 2018. They are made to be worn as solitaires or stacked together in true Spustova spirit.

With their octagonal shape and open-ended structure, the DE-TRIS rings build on the AUDACE family, while making space for something else. An open space to be played around with. To be kept open to different ideas. To make space for vertical tan lines on your pinky. To give room for your own meaning to be inserted. Try something new tomorrow. See things differently. Game over. Start over.

The DE-TRIS was celebrated during Couture Week in Paris with intimate dinner at Ogata, Paris co-hosted by Diana Louise Bartlett / @dianalouisebartlett. She has also curated yet another Spustova stack called "Diana" consisting of the new styles. The stack is now available on the together with previous stacks worn by Zuzana's other audacious women like Hailey Bieber and Leandra Medine Cohen.

Fun is a kind of luxury. Play is a kind of audacity. You can try, fail, try again, fail better. You can start over again the next day. You can let things be less serious but just as precious.

DE-TRIS is playful sincerity.

Spustova is fine jewellery from the womb.







Stack Diana







Intimate dinner at Ogata, Paris







Sakura Mochi by Ogata, Paris







De-tris by Louis-Géraud Castor







Stack Diana







Dialogue ZS x DLB







Audace De-tris collection