“I have created this first dialogue quite selfishly. Yet I hope it will be of value to you as well, helping us to come closer to our full potential. 

Wellness is a passion of mine. To me, wellness means living with integrity when my thoughts and actions align. To wake up excited for the day to come, being free of any pain or addiction. Wellness is also about direction and not perfection. I read somewhere that perfection is a prison, but excellence is elastic.

Meditation is one of those things I wish I had more space for in my life. I wish I could do it every day, but I don’t manage to keep up with it for longer periods of time. It is strange how difficult it can be. Because when I do meditate, there is a shift in me almost immediately. To sit down and spend a quiet moment with yourself is clearly not as easy as it sounds. 

I am proud to present our first Dialogue: Meditations by ANNAVR, a Berlin-based sound designer, pianist, and a big girl crush of mine. She has created three different meditations, lasting 1, 5, and 15 minutes. The meditations are further envisioned in the videos by Jan Grabowski, a long-time collaborator of mine in work and dialogues, and their intersections. 

The result is a visual heaven to me. I love them so much, they transport me into unknown places. I try to focus on each and every sound, which I gently return to if my mind starts to wander – the basics of any meditation technique, really, but in the context of a beautiful sound piece. 

We are excited to launch these pieces – not only on the Spustova website but also as a verified artist on Spotify and Apple Music. This will allow you to carry these meditations with you outside of your home, and into your days. Into nature, on holidays, while commuting, on the plane, or in the few minutes in-between that tie our everyday lives together.

We all have one minute a day. Take a moment, and listen in – I promise this practice is transformative. Let the meditation help us make our connections stronger, and our dialogues more rewarding.

Thank you Anna and Jan for our dialogue, it is a precious one.








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