We are absolutely thrilled to finally present Louise. The bracelet is the latest work of designer Zuzana Spustova, and her most personal piece to date.

«Suddenly I’m underwater with my child again, Louise hanging onto her ankle, me hanging onto her.» 

When Zuzana gave birth to her first child in 2011, she was given a plastic hospital bracelet. Ever since, she has dreamt about creating a bracelet celebrating birth. Birth, in a physical sense, but also a spiritual one. Just as personal experiences during Zuzana’s second pregnancy led her to her own rebirth, Louise is inspired by birth, inviting for rebirth.

Motherhood is an experience that holds both pleasure and pain. Not as a contradiction, but instead as the core of what it means to be a mother. For Zuzana, who lives in Oslo with her husband Martin and three children, Magnus, Johann, and Sakura, their home is her office, and she constantly has children playing around her as she works. They interrupt her work. They shape her work. Impossible to hide from it, it is daily chaos that comes to shape the beauty of a life that is far from perfect. Mothers operate within a parallel logic. As a state that creates space for birth as rebirth, rebirth as birth.

The bracelet, with its name and asymmetrical shape, is inspired by her imaginary best friend, Louise. Louise has been instrumental for Zuzana in navigating the complexities of becoming a mother, and everything that follows. Following her through the ups and downs and constant flux of having a family, Louise is a true homage to her imaginary friend.

Louise comes in five different versions available in three colours of 18k gold; rose, white, and yellow. Louise Classic is a pure golden bracelet, whereas Louise Diamond is a full diamond version with brilliant cut diamonds on the surface and along the sides of the bracelet, and the most exquisite piece in the collection. Louise Diamond Gradation is paved with diamonds along the sides in a gradual play, and Louise Diamond Surface is paved with diamonds on the surface. Louise Diamond Asymmetry is asymmetrically covered with diamonds and is the version that most vividly reflects the designer’s artistic vision. All diamonds used on the bracelet are brilliant cut diamonds D-E, VVS. Louise starts at size 14 and is available in bigger sizes, also suitable for men.

The bracelet will come in a new packaging designed by the Dutch designer Vincent de Rijk. The resin boxes are produced of waste from de Rijk’s other projects, and we encourage you to reuse them in your own way.

Louise will be exclusively launched on September 13th in the space of Peder Lund gallery in Oslo, which represents some of the most acclaimed names in contemporary art. It is a great honour to be able to launch Louise in this location, even more in collaboration with the renowned Swedish architect Christian Halleroed. Guests will be invited to immerse themselves in the world, mind, and womb of Spustova. A womb of ideas and emotions. As a space where something bigger emerges. A sound piece by pianist and producer AVR/Anna Von Raison, a feed installation by Marina Melentieva, and words by Emma Aars will be shown alongside Louise, in addition to the first mirror object made by Zuzana herself.

The launch will be followed by an intimate dinner at Maaemo for selected guests.

Louise is inspired by birth, inviting for rebirth. Our anticipation anxiety is high.
On September 13th 2023, Louise is born.

Spustova is fine jewellery from the womb.